geb. 10.11.2005 - 30.03.2016

Farbe: black-tortie classic tabby (f 03 22)
Genotyp: A- D- ii S- tt ww Oo
D IV: frei (N/N)
Vater: CH N*Skaujenta's Dovre (d 09 22)
Mutter: IC S*Sherwoodskogens Florida JW (n 09 23)
Züchter: Marika Söreskog & Michael Wettergren,
Skänninge, Schweden (

Awards: 3 x CAC

15.10.2006 - 11 Monate

Gavarani mit ihrer neuen Freundin Norah Jones

08.07.2006 - 8 Monate

07.05.2006 - 6 Monate


23.04.2006 - 5 1/2 Monate: zum ersten Mal draussen!

09.04.2006 - 5 Monate: Welcome to Switzerland!

17.03.2006 - 4 Monate

23.01.2006 - 2 Monate

10.12.2005 - 4 Wochen

anlässlich unseres "Weihnachtsbesuchs" in Schweden!

Gavarani mit Flower Power & ihren Brüdern Gezim & Gabor

Gavarani mit Ivo

Gavarani mit Mamma Florida

Gavarani's 2 brothers Gezim & Gabor

Familienglück pur mit Gezim, Gabor & Mamma Florida

Die stolze Mamma Florida!

Dear Marika & Michael

We thank you so much for the great opportunity to get this lovely and very promising little girl from you. We highly appreciate this occasion and of course, our friendship. We promise, we will take care of her!
It was so nice to welcome you both once here in Switzerland. We enjoyed your stay so much and we
hope to see you soon again in Sweden.

Once more, many thanks and a lot of greetings to all of your family!

Ursi & Ivo